Dust Free Cat Litter – 3 Different Brands Reviewed

Anyone who owns a cat knows that the little guys do their absolute best to keep themselves and their environment clean at all times.  As cat owners, we can help out our pets by getting them a dust free cat litter.  There are a few reasons for this.  Cats tend to kick up quite a storm after finishing their business.  If the kitty litter you use is a dusty one, chances are you’ll be breathing all sorts of allergens whenever you’re around the litter box.  This, alone, is a good enough reason to switch kitty litters.  Open any health magazine these days and you’ll see at least a couple articles on the importance of indoor air quality.  Your cat will also appreciate a dust free clumping cat litter.  Low quality litters tend to stick to your cat’s feet, annoying him or her to no end!

Now, with so many different kitty litters available, it’s tough to know which one right for your pet.

One of the best dust free cat litter products on the market is the Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat Litter.  This stuff, as you’d expect, is actually made from wheat!  It’s completely biodegradable and can even be flushed down the toilet.  This isn’t the case with a typical clay based litter.  This product is also completely dust free so your home will benefit here as well.

Another product you may want to consider is Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra litter.  This clumping cat litter is of the clay variety.  Because of this, it can’t be flushed down the toilet.  Some folks don’t mind throwing out their litter with the trash though.  This is, after all, what cat owners had to do for years before the whole “green” movement started.  I like the Dr. Elsey’s litter because the little chunks of litter aren’t that little at all.  Because of this, the litter clumps very well and also ensures that the bottom of your cat’s box remains dry.  Like the Swheat product discussed above, this litter is unscented and dust free.

Arm And Hammer also makes a dust free clumping cat litter.  This product is, as one would expect, made out of baking soda.  Baking soda is known for it’s odor killing properties and this is great for a cat litter.  This product is scented and some people don’t like that.  I’ve used this litter before and never really been bothered by the smell though.  I guess some folks have more sensitive noses than others.  Because this cat litter is made of baking soda, flushing it down the toilet isn’t recommended.

The best dust free cat litter really is dependent on what you’re looking for.  Read a few reviews, check out a few websites and try some products.  It won’t be long before you find something that works for you and your cat.


  1. k says

    FYI. Arm & Hammer litter contains a little baking soda but is primarily made of sodium bentonite clay. You should read the label or check online.

  2. admin says

    Thanks k. I hadn’t noticed the inclusion of sodium bentonite clay in the A & H Cat litters… From what I’ve read, there isn’t any conclusive evidence supporting the fact that this is particularly harmful ingredient. That said, with so many “natural” cat litters available, there’s really no reason to risk it!


  3. Jay says

    Arm & Hammer has a litter called, “Essentials.” It is made from fibers from corn stalks. It is very good but it is scented. I wish they would make an unscented variety.

  4. says

    So, which Arm & Hammer is the dust-free litter. I’ve seen about half a dozen varieties of their litter. I’m using the Double-Duty version. It puts up quite a cloud of dust when you scoop it.

  5. dd says

    You might want to redo this review and update it a bit. The Wheat Scoop has become a dust storm upon opening the bag. I just spent $450.00 on my cat with breathing problems because I was an idiot and used it anyway. I called the company and they suggested putting in some oil and mixing it into the litter, which I did. It helped, but I am sure it doesn’t help the carpet when the paws have oil on them, even if it is a little bit of oil. Nor should I have to add oil to a “dust free” litter, to make it truly dust free.
    When I emptied my vacuum this time around, it looked like there was baking flour in the mix. It has steadily been becoming more dusty over the last 4 bags. I buy the big 40 pound bags. So! please let this be a warning to people with cats that have breathing issues. I would advice to look elsewhere. I wish that companies that start off well would CONTINUE to produce a great product. It happened with Arm and Hammer as well, and when I called them up after using their product for years, they admitted to using a cheaper clay that produced a lot more dust. They refused to change it. The Wheat Scoop people were apologetic, but admitted to trying different types of wheat…and I would imagine that has to do with trying to save money as well, since this is the way of America! Cheapest output and biggest profit. Just a heads up. I am seriously considering trying to come up with my own product.
    And, I would KEEP it at a high quality level, not SELL out to make more profit.

    • Mimi says

      My cat apparently has asthma. I have noticed that she ususally has one of her “spells” after using the litter box. I am unsure where to turn and am even more confused by reading these comments. It looks like you have tried several with mixed results. What are you using now? I can clean the dust, but need my cat to be able to breathe. Thanks for your input.

  6. Rachel says

    dd, I agree with you. I used Swheat Scoop for a while and did have dust issues… especially in the bigger 40lb. bags. I started buying the size that is a box, and it was better (i think because it wasn’t getting crushed from all the movement in shipping?). But still NOT dust free. A&H regular multi-cat clumping litter claimed to have less dust… but i think that’s only because they think the baking soda in it isn’t “dust”. am probably switching back to world’s best cat litter, i tried a combination WBCL & Swheat Scoop for a while, that’s worked okay. you can’t buy the large bags though.

  7. margo Duncan says

    There seem to be no truly dust free litter clumping or otherwise. The best of this is Yesterday’s News but it kinda just falls apart and is hard to scoop.I don’t like the smell of the Pine litter or the wheat and either do my cats.
    I am currently using Tidy Cat clumping for multiple cats. It has some dust but tolerable.I always pour extra litter in the boxes outside when I clean the whole box once every 1 or 2 months. I scoop everyday sometimes both am and pm. If you can smell your kitties toilet then you are not scooping or cleaning everyday like you should.
    Tracking of the litter is a problem with Tidy cat clumping or regular clay. Keep a good mat that picks off the litter and I keep a dust mop handy to push the loose stuff up by the litter box til I have time to vacuum beside it in a day or two. This Tidy Cat Clumping litter clumps well and is easy to remove solids and is good odor control when feces and urine are covered by this litter.

  8. Colleen Feld says

    I have been using tidy cat clay in the red bag. I buy a lot at a time because of the amount of rescue cats I have. one batch was so dusty, I called Purina and they would not would not refund my money. I saw their website saying they are donation $50,000 to rescue groups wow how lucky are they. Here I rescue cats and they would not help me. Now I have many cats with asthma. still looking for a good litter.

  9. Liz says

    I recently switched my cat boxes to Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Touch of Outdoors. The best thing I ever did, it is virtually dust free, clumps great, doesn’t waste the litter, the urine doesn’t sink to the bottom and is easy to clean. It definitely doesn’t track throughout my house like other litters – I have 5 cats. Love the stuff, well worth the money and you get coupons in every bag. They have a variety of litters for different needs. I will not be using anything else from now on!

    The worst I have found are the Blue Buffalo – brown dust from the walnut shells coating everything – Tidy Cat – the lightweight one, dusty, dusty and dustier, plus it tracks everywhere, maybe good for our backs but not for our cats.

  10. Laura Herman says

    I have four cats and need a dust free litter. Because of the reviews here I purchased Dr. Elseys precious cat litter. I thought that this brand was the answer. it seemed to be dust free when I poured it into the box. However the next morning when I went to clean the box which is located directly in the sunlight in the morning huge clouds of dust kept coming up from the box!! Also it sticks to the bottom of the box like cement and is very difficult to clean It is also fairly expensive at $16.00 for 20 pounds!!
    I will go back to Fresh Step.

  11. Frances PICCONE says

    I’ve been using Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter for years with great success. Last year I noticed it seemed to be getting dustier then before. Now I see a big cloud of dust when I pour new litter into the pans. I’m currently searching for a new brand to see if I can find a less dusty product. My sweetest senior cat died of asthma last year and now I’m concerned that the litter was to blame.


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